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Toys & Children's Articles

Children are in close contact with their toys every day. Therefore, it is highly important that toys do not pose any health risks.

Hexamoll® DINCH is a non-phthalate plasticizer and it complies with the European, American and Chinese toy safety standards.

Furthermore, BASF invested more than €7 million in toxicological research for Hexamoll® DINCH. The results are outstanding and we can confirm that Hexamoll® DINCH has been intensively tested for reproductive and developmental toxicity as well as for repeated use and does not show any adverse effects.

Therefore, Hexamoll® DINCH  is the perfect plasticizer for children’s articles.

Besides the safety aspect, Hexamoll® DINCH also offers technical properties that make it the preferred plasticizer for toys.

Below, you find examples of application areas and how Hexamoll® DINCH contributes to a safe and durable product.

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Inflatable Toys

Hexamoll® DINCH is a clear colorless liquid with a hardly noticeable odor and shows high UV resistance as well as a low extractability esp. with aqueous liquids. That way it is the ideal plasticizer for colorful toys that may be even left outside in the sunlight or are used in the bathtub or pool.



Small kids may put their toys in the mouth and the excellent toxicological profile of Hexamoll® DINCH gives parents the security that the toy is safe.



Hexamoll® DINCH is well suited for various production processes: e.g. for rotomolding (e.g. dolls and balls) or for spreadcoating of plastisols (i.e. coated textiles in e.g. children’s mud pants, trampolines, bouncy castles).



Some toys need to endure a lot: kids squish them, kick them, hug them etc. – and the toy should keep its properties. Thanks to Hexamoll® DINCH’s compatibility also under mechanical pressure, the toy remains as is.

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) concluded in their Opinion on “plastic toys and children’s equipment intended for children under three years of age.” (2016) that concerning the health risk assessment of Hexamoll® DINCH, the results based on a realistic exposure scenario do not show a health risk for children aged 0 to 3 years exposed via the mouthing of toys (Request No 2013-SA-0176 (related Request no. 2011-SA-0324). 23.08.2016). Accordingly, the Official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, found in their “Survey on plasticizers currently found in PVC toys on the Swiss market” (2017) that Hexamoll® DINCH is one of the commonly used alternative plasticizers (McCrombie et al., J Environ Sci Health A Tox Hazard Subst Environ Eng. 2017 Apr 16).