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Hexamoll® DINCH - Product Information

"Hi, my name is DINCHY. I am the brand ambassador for Hexamoll® DINCH and I would like to explain this great product in more detail to you on the following pages."

Hexamoll® DINCH's chemical name is Diisononyl 1,2-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid diisononyl ester and it is a non-phthalate plasticizer.

Plasticizers typically increase the flexibility of a material, mainly PVC.

Would you like to learn more about plasticizers in general? Then, I recommend this website to you.

Below you find details about Hexamoll® DINCH and what makes it so special.

Introduction Hexamoll® DINCH

Learn more about Hexamoll® DINCH

Production & Availability

Find out how Hexamoll® DINCH is being produced

Approvals & Certificates

Understand what Hexamoll® DINCH can be used for

Technical Properties

Read about the technical properties



See how Hexamoll® DINCH contributes to a sustainable future

Regulatory Information

Learn about the regulatory landscape